Moving on can be difficult, especially when there are memories made within the family home.  A common task involves confronting a garage filled with clutter.  There could be items that brings back memories or just items you no longer need. De-cluttering this space is important but can be overwhelming, it may be worth looking for a professional house cleaner to help with this task as it can be emotionally draining. Before you start organizing and cleaning a messy garage, you must have a plan. Just picking up all that stuff and rearranging into where they best fit isn’t good enough.

You need a plan on what to do with all that stuff. You also need to make sure that the plan is aimed to create a more organized room for that stuff.


This is a great time to assemble what you own and other useful items. It is also an opportunity to focus at the clutter at hand. Begin by clearing out every section and recycle all irrelevant/useless items that serve no purpose in your life and that of your families’ life. Old rusty tools, shovels, hobby accessories, sports, and camping equipment, are some of the biggest culprits. Chemicals, old paints, and so on should be safely disposed of. This is also the best time to dispose of broken tools, shovels, and other items.


Gather Similar Items

The first step is to gather similar items. By doing this you can easily organize your items and you won’t experience any difficulty looking for it. Similar items should be labeled and placed in boxes or containers. You can also make a list of these items as well. By doing this, you’ll easily identify what item is inside your storage. More so, you save time and energy for searching items when you label these boxes. Instead of opening each container or boxes, you can simply read the label instead.

Free Up Some Space

The next thing that you will need to do is to free up some space so that you can have enough area to work in. This will be some table space or floor space that will let you go through labeled boxes and start getting organized. You might need to move some containers to your storage room or another part of the house at first to create enough work space for you to be able to move around.

Proper Arrangement

Inexpensive shelving units can be used for items like spray bottles, paint cans, bags, automobile supplies, flower pots, buckets, boxes, and so on. Arrange them by category, according to how you have labeled them altogether. You can also utilize inexpensive crates and bins to contain potting soil, gardening pots, sprinkling cans and other bulky items, remember to also keep them on the shelves to reduce floor space.


  • The aim of a garage clean up is to remove clutter, i.e. throwing out items that are invaluable or no longer in use.
  • Another goal of a garage cleanup is to organize its content.

Garage is an integral part of your home; as such it must be kept clean and tidy. This is particularly important when you are dealing with real estate as your garage will be in a usable condition before selling it out. Should you decide to sell your home, a well organized garage raises the market value. If you build new garage cabinets and garage shelving, the higher the value of your house. These things are what prospective buyers look out for.