Women Support groups

There are many situations or events that can alter a women’s life.  Whether caused by a tragic loss, separation caused by domestic violence or divorce from many other reasons, it is reassuring to know that there are many support groups out there for advice and guidance.

Regardless of the event, there is a commonality in the fact that women feel vulnerable and anxious of a future without a partner.

Women can feel:

  • bitter towards their former partner
  • angry about the situation they are facing
  • worried about dealing with complex legal system
  • afraid of being the sole responsibility of their dependent children
  • resentment due to decisions regarding career sacrifices
  • worried about juggling home and work commitments
  • worthless due to a lack of emotional support

Support groups


A support group for women who are keen on leaning basics in tasks that were predominantly performed by their male counterparts.  This can include car maintenance, home maintenance, budgeting, financial awareness and social media skills.

Women Starting Again

A community group allowing women to feel safe and gather support from other women in similar situations.  A group that gathers a couple times a month to converse on challenges and share creative ideas and have fun.


Provides a number of support groups to women who have experienced domestic violence.  Groups include sessions to help women reconnect with themselves, expression through art and creativity to understand trauma, find your own voice and increase self-worth.

Bereaved Partners

Run by the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, the support group aims to meet and provide ongoing help to people who experienced loss of a loved one.  The group aims to create social networks to conquer the feeling of isolation and assist people to discover personal strengths and build resilience.